Dec 2, 2011

How to Sew a Simple Pillowcase

I dreaded the look of my living room so I am in a quest to make it really nice this time. It’s so packed with toys, books and little knick-knacks that it is no longer warm and cozy. I have the same wall art since 2005 so I am looking for a replacement. The simplest thing is just what we need to spice up a space.
During the week, I made simple pillowcases and change the fabric of an old chair I purchased in a thrift shop to unify the color in the room. If you can cut squares and rectangles, you can make this easily in less than 2 hours. I used 18” (45.72cm) square pillow form but any size can be sewn in the same manner. You just need to adjust the sizes of the fabric to cut. I sew this using a ½-inch seam allowance (otherwise indicated) which is already included in the cut fabrics.
½ yard fabric
matching thread
18” (45.72cm) pillow form
sewing pins

Sewing Steps:
1.       Cut the following fabric sizes:

One -  18” (45.72cm) square of fabric (Fabric A)
One – 18”x13” fabric (Fabric B)
One – 18”x10” fabric (Fabric C)

2.       On one side of Fabric B, fold ¼ inch in the outer edge of 18”-side twice then sew to secure a clean edge.
3.       Do step 2 for Fabric C, also in the 18”-side.
4.       To construct the piece together, follow steps in these order:
Lay Fabric A flat in a sturdy surface with right side of fabric facing up.
Pin Fabric B on top of Fabric A’s upper side edge with right side of fabric facing each other.
Next, pin Fabric C in the lower side of Fabric A with right side facing each other.
5.       Sew the four sides to finish the pillowcase.

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