Feb 26, 2012

A Cupcake That Won't Make You Gain Weight... Ever. Promise!

It’s been awhile back since I updated my blog and it dawned on me that I should be sharing regularly what is going on with all my sewing. No more holidays coming up and my home organizing is still a work in progress and that’s what keeping me from creating more things. Yeah I know, more excuses! I’ve been donating and purging like crazy and I am not done yet but I have to stop for a moment to make something for a very special friend.

Yesterday was the advanced celebration of my good friend’s birthday and I thought of giving her something that is cute and handmade. It was very easy to do and friends who gathered last night liked it too. Using a silicone cupcake liner, 2 colors of felt fabrics for the frosting and for the cupcake base, a t-shirt scrap for the top portion and some fiber fill,  these adorable pincushions were a sure hit. Nothing spectacular but who can resist a cupcake! Tell me, it makes you smile, isn’t it?

Other things I made just recently:

Patternless Slipcover
Store-bought T-shirt with attached tie
Store-bought hand gloves personalized with felt fabric hearts

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