Sep 27, 2012

Project Runway-inspired Dress by Simplicity

September is sewing month. I decided to sew something to wear for my daughter's school event next month. This is the first dress I attempted to create and it took two practice garments, lots of seam ripping and late nights to brought this to life. I'm proud of myself, what can I say! But truthfully, this wasn't an easy task. I've browsed other bloggers' versions and it took them just days to finished theirs.

The first practice garment was way too big and so I figured how in the world can I make this worked. Rereading the pattern instructions and notations, YouTube videos and researching books helped me modified the pattern. The second practice garment was a perfect fit so I was fired up to start the real thing.

I soon realized I have a big hurdle ahead of me. The fabric I purchased has a nap and I have to match the design and center it in the front bodice. Had it been just a solid color, it would have been easier to do. I have to psyched up myself that I can tackle this and refused to believe that it will be one of those unfinished project.

Halfway through, I asked my daughter to do the fitting and was surprised to know that  it was still a little bit loose in the waistline. Rip, rip, rip I go... {sigh} but I didn't want to give up yet. Next day, fitting again and I can tell my kid was getting annoyed already but voila.... it perfectly  fits. I was so happy I finally did it.

 Now, my daughter is supposed to be wearing this in her homecoming dance but decided not to. I'm not sure why but I didn't take  it as a bad thing.  In my mind, she was still not convinced that I did a good job and perhaps in my part I still have to sew some more. As a rookie, I think I nailed it to a point.

I can only wished that I took photos step by step but the process was too tedious for me to even begin. This was accomplished using Simplicity Project Runway Pattern #1803, tafetta for my fabric and lots of patience and persistence.

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