Nov 5, 2011

Every woman should have a decent apron...

I rarely use apron in the kitchen… however, everybody should have one. Whether you are cooking inside the house, doing barbeque, gardening or any chores – an apron is somehow necessary to protect your clothing.

And that is exactly what I made over the week. I found a colorful fabric in store with pink, yellow and brown colors.  I also purchased a solid pink fabric for the bottom half of the project. This apron will be used by my teenage daughter. She needs to help out a little bit in the kitchen while mom is in the sewing machine. Probably, looking good will eventually motivate her. J

Preferably, I like vintage-look pattern and I found one that I liked. For this project, I used Simplicity Pattern #2592 Apron B. Somehow, I am getting better at this and maybe more practice will make me comfortable using a more complicated pattern.
Simplicity Pattern #2592
The harshest criticism was from my daughter of course. She said that a half-apron only looked best in skinny people. A full-size apron she said is best for me. That made me laughed… it is perhaps one way for her to tell me to lose weight. Sure enough it didn’t look good on me but perfect for her.  Here are the pictures. See for yourself.

What do you think?


  1. awww your apron is so cute! Thanks for your comment on my blog about the sewing tables. Did you see these?


  2. thank you gail! i am surely going to refer to your pages for inspiration. oh and that round table you just posted....lovely idea.


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