Oct 31, 2011

Halloween 2011. Calling all sickies!

I like to be different … in a good way. So every year, I usually create something for my son that probably only few people will attempt to do. Today, my 4-year was wearing a costume inspired by one of America’s famous doctors on TV.  Yes, I am talking about Dr Mehmet Oz.

The “Dr Oz” costume was created using Simplicity Pattern #3650. The biggest challenge was putting up the sleeves as mentioned in my older post. The toy stethoscope is more expensive than the cost of the fabric and pattern itself so for a while I was scratching my head. I ironed-on the alphabets to make it interesting because without it I don't think people will notice. Needless to say, I was happy that it was a success.

It turned out that everybody liked it in school…. Of course I am referring to the parents’ feedbacks.  Kids didn’t care as long as they have all the candies. Here are some the photos taken today in school.

After school, trick or treat with cousin France

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