Oct 13, 2011

My First Sewing Project since 2009

This will definitely be a busy week for me, trying to multitask all my to-do list for my upcoming midterm exam for school, household chores, garage sale (second attempt, I did okay last week) and of course keeping track of my sewing progress.
Yes, I was finally done cutting the pieces needed for my son's Halloween costume and started to sew the top part today. It’s so much easier if I do it little by little so I won’t get overwhelm with the necessary steps and simultaneously reading my sewing book to double-check my work.

My son was a knight his first year (2008), a store bought costume.

When he was two (2009), I sew a boxing robe for him to be PacMan – in honor of our very own Manny Pacquiao (the boxer who defeated Oscar De La Hoya and all others). I had the hardest time ever sewing the robe because the fabric was so slippery but I’ve done it eventually.

Last year 2010, he was Clark Kent – I got the idea from the popular TV show “Dancing with the Stars'” professional dancer wearing the costume in 2009. Everything was store bought and so the last time I used my sewing machine was in 2009.

This year, I am keeping my fingers cross that hopefully I can pull this thing together. My little guy wants to be a pumpkin and I told him “cannot be my boy, I already bought the fabric and pattern” and he said “okay, mom”. Poor boy, he has to be what mommy sews. Fourth costume coming up…

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