Oct 27, 2011

Sewing My First Handbag

The hardest part about this is not learning how to sew but to actually write about it. At times this may sound ridiculous, but I am not giving up. 

Ah… the fun part is that I finally finished sewing my son’s costume which I will be posting on Halloween day. I’m excited for him to wear it and shoot photos of my son outside of my house. However, recently he has expressed that he’s not willing to wear the costume anymore. I am hopeful my son will change his mind, otherwise; my hard work is not appreciated… again.

I also completed my first handbag ever. This was what I wanted to do for a very long time. In fact, the fabric that I chose was already cut awhile back and not until recently was I so motivated to finally finish it. Here it is,

I used Simplicity Pattern #2381 (middle bag)
The pattern specifically noted to use Gingham but at the time I purchased the fabric, it was not on sale. So being the typical me, I opted for something else. I knew in my mind that there is no need for me to use embroidery thread and rick-racks for accents. I intended this to be a test project to see if I can sew it easily anyway. It turned out that I had some challenges. The hardest part for me was to attach the lining.
Logically, I knew I had to sew the pieces right side facing each other but what confused me was the turning of the fabric inside-out which had me to do a trial and error. Thank goodness for seam rippers, they can undo mistakes.
On the other hand, I was so excited to see my finish product. I felt as if I created something really special and I asked my 16-year old daughter to critique my work and  if she could use it at school but unfortunately she said the handbag is too big for her taste. She requested me to sew it one-third from its original size.  If I want this to work, somehow I need to listen to my daughter so I can see her wear the fun stuff I will be sewing in the future. Until my next adventure… Nighty night!

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